How to book facilities
at Colchester Christ Church

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Considering booking
If you are planning an event or meeting then the facilities offered by Colchester Christ Church may be just what you need.

The facilities page gives details of each of the areas available with sizes, features and fees. The Users page gives an indication of other events that are successfully held at Christ Church.

Before registering please checkout our Terms and Conditions.

To request a booking you will need to register yourself or your organisation and log in.

When you have decided on the area(s) that may be suitable and have planned date(s) and times please contact our administrator (using the form on this page) who will give you availability information and confirm that your event is suited to our Church ethos and spaces.

If you wish our Church Bookings Attendant can meet you on site to show you the facilities and how to access areas and resources you may need.
Having considered your requirements we will email you a booking form together with conditions of hire and an invoice. If these are acceptable to you then having checked, signed, paid and returned the booking will be confirmed.

Send request
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  Which areas would you like to book?

  Description of planned event
  eg Concert for 50 people or Childrens party for 15 infants
  List the dates and times that you wish to book
  eg Mon 24th Jan from 19:30 to 21:30
or Monthly - every second thursday from 9am to 12noon
  Add any other requests related to your booking
  eg can you suggest caterers for our event
On the day
Before the day you will have received confirmation and details of how to access the building.

Please do not arrive before your agreed arrival time and please be packed up and away by your departure time as  other users may be delayed.

On arrival use the code provided to access the key safe and the keys to the building and on departure please lock up and replace the key in the keysafe.

We will provide a feedback form for your comments and we always welcome any suggestions for improving our facilities and service.

For one off events we require payment before the event by cheque, bank transfer or cash paid to our treasurer.

When booking a series of events we prefer to receive payment against our monthy invoice and for regular bookings payments will need to  be  made by monthly standing order calulated as an average of usage with adjustments made at the end of December.